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Our ultimate goal is to have each client to get an return on their investments. Most of our clients have experienced progression with their basketball skills and athletic performance while in our program. We look forward to enhancing your child's skills set and building their confidence. 

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Elite Development Training(ONE ON ONE)

This is an opportunity for Coach Hill to customize the workout to your child’s needs so we can add value to their skill level and increase their productivity on the court. Some student-athletes that have taken advantage of this opportunity as a result their performance of the court have elevated and gotten the attention of college recruiters

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Small Group Training

(No more than 3 people trained at a particular session)

This is a great opportunity for student-athletes to learn and understand proper details and mechanics within a small group setting that will be beneficial to every player. Most players can learn through their peers and see recognize proper and improper techniques. A large number of student see a high success rate because of size and the content that is taught in the session.

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Large Group Sessions(up to 10)

Leadership (Group) Sessions are the most cost effective but still has a great value that will allow student-athletes to learn and add value to their game. This is a seasonal opportunity due to time constraints.

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